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knowledge base Zist Baspar Kian Company with the aim of studying, researching and producing in Background of water-based polymers and chemicals, relying on young, creative and Internal efficiency has started its activity. This is the first company It has succeeded in producing high consumption of carbomer in the country. Also in In order to mass produce this product, the first production factory was built Carbomer in the country with a capacity of 120 tons per year in the industrial town Dye makers are located in Isfahan province. Carbomer is a brand name of polycarboxylic acid called carbapol Also known. Carbomer resin is one of the most widely used resins with Existence of low weight in products in a wide range of materials as Concentrator is used. Major producing countries Carbomer in the world: America, Germany, Belgium, China, etc. are using Organic solvents such as toluene are synthesized while carbomer is produced in Kian Biopolymer Company is synthesized based on water and does not contain any organic matter
It is toxic.